3D Drafting Services

The days of 2D Blueprints and the drafting board are over. CAD otherwise known as Computer Aided Drafting or Design has changed the way Drafting Services do business forever. These companies specialize in Architecture, Mechanical, Civil, MEP, and other types of technical drawing. 3D Modeling has several advantages over the traditional way of drafting with only two dimensions. Also a large number of customers have had older blueprints and schematics updated to newer CAD files. 3D Drafting Services provide numerous types of drawings that are beneficial to society today.

CAD Designers

CAD is the new standard for drafting today. With CAD software the draftsmen can manipulate a wide variety of tools that are designed for creating lines, arcs, circles, drafting services etc. Apart from these tools which are known as 2D tools, the designer can use commands for sculpting, cutting, extruding, subtracting, and other types of 3D manipulation. With this power at a CAD Designers disposal, anything can be designed that can be imagined. CAD Designers can be found online like eLine Design who specializes in All fields of CAD drafting and 3D modeling.

3D Drafting

There are numerous amounts of drawings that are created in 3D now. Architecture is developed with software that allows the CAD Draftsmen to create walls with the click of a mouse. Also the Drafter can create windows, doors, roofs, and slabs with one command. It’s a little more complicated than that, but you get the idea. They have specific commands made specifically for designing those characteristics within the 3D drawing. The same goes for mechanical parts where you can insert threads for nuts, and bolts. Within Civil drafting programs from Autodesk, you can use Google Earth to view the lot your working on. 3D drafting has incorporated all the principles of technical drawing, and has made life a lot easier of Draftsmen.

CAD Conversion

Before CAD drafting had become so widespread, everyone used blueprints to draw their schematics. Needless to say that now there are quite a few sets of blueprints that need to be updated to the new type of CAD file. DWG, and DWF are the two main types of CAD file used today, and the process of updating a set of blueprints to this must be done by a CAD Designer. The Designer must insert all the information from the 2D prints into a CAD software program which when given everything precisely will generate a 3D Model. This practice has become a widespread one, due to the amount of blueprints that need to be updated.


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