Bimini – Atlantis Found?

Bimini – Atlantis Found?

Edgar Cayce, the “sleeping prophet,”(who had helped some 14,000 people with physical problems, and past life issues) spoke of the “Hall of Records” buried three places on Earth. These records were the history of humankind on our planet. One record was buried under the paw of the Sphinx in Egypt. Another in the Yucatan Peninsula, and the third record buried with Atlantis when it sank under the sea. He spoke of Atlantis as being under the water in area of the Bermuda Triangle. The island of Bimini was supposed to be the highest peak of the mountain of Atlantis that never sunk. There were at least three sinkings of the Continent of Atlantis. After the first two sinkings those who stayed had to be the most stubborn, not in touch with reality folks, gold coast clear carts who just would not leave.

We set out very early AM from West Palm Beach, Florida on our journey. Chris has brought her eight year old son, and another female friend Henna. My motto has always been, “I come prepared.” even though I was never a girl scout. So with much extra food in hand, cheap guns for sale we arrived at the seaplane airport in Ft. Lauderdale. I brought my sweater for the AC. The seaplane was a little 6 to 8 seater. As we took off I watched a 12 inch fan mounted on the bulkhead of the plane on an artistic rendering of fish in the sea. So much for my sweater and AC. Small windows were also open to let the fresh air in. It was thrilling to fly over the ocean and see the water below.

We arrived in early afternoon and had arranged a place to stay with the official New Age guide of the Island. We had two bedrooms and a kitchen facing the beautiful, pale green, clear water on the South part of Bimini where all the locals live. We were offered the front part of the duplex with a locked door in between the other residence. We were so tired from the journey we decided to immediately take a nap.

If in reality there is no time or space, everything past, present, and future is taking place in the great “NOW.” As I lay my head on the pillow the thought came to me, “Oh my God we are in Atlantis!” Atlantis was a thriving society using “fire crystals” to power sea ships, cars, planes and everything else. They were known to have a pyramid, bigger than the Great Pyramid in Egypt, that had a crystal capstone faceted to collect the sun’s energy. Apparently this crystal was an anti-matter device, possibly explaining the “disappearance” of planes, boats and people. Edgar Cayce predicted that Atlantis will rise again along with that huge pyramid! The Bimini Road, under the sea off the island could be a possible beginning of this.

Our family friend, Danny Burack, was one who disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. One Christmas Eve, in the late 1960’s he was out on his boat Witchcraft (named after the popular song of that time.) Danny was showing a priest the Holiday lights of Miami. He called the coast guard and told them, more site visit:-“The beer box is out.” and that they were near a particular numbered buoy. The beer box was really the fish locker in the back of the boat. The coast guard was there within 18 to 20 minutes and never found a trace of them. Hundreds of boats went out the next day to look for them. Everything on the boat was floatable because Danny and his wife Mary had small children. Nothing was ever found. Was Dan taken to another dimension or somehow effected by the anomalous energies of the Bermuda Triangle?

I have been a reincarnationist since I was 11 or 12 years old. I always knew I lived in ancient Greece at the height of the Parthenon and all the “myths” of the Gods and Goddesses. I do have past life memories, especially of people I meet. You cannot tell me that I don’t know certain people – it is a deep soul memory, letting me know that I knew them from some distant place “before.”

Maybe what happened to us at Bimini was “payback karma” from my time in Atlantis. I knew I had been evil there, participating in some of the down-fall of a once thriving Continent. The “Law of One” had slowly been taken over by power hungry people who started to use their many “gifts” for destruction.

When we settled in on our first night we could feel the spirits of the past. They were clamoring to get into us. We felt them at all the windows and doors. It was the lost souls from the time of Atlantis. The air was thick with them. We lit candles, and prayed hard for protection, saying affirmations of light to appease the souls. We cleared the area and did feel safe inside.

We were really thwarted there at every turn. We rented a golf cart to get around, it kept dying on the trail while we suffered in extreme heat. One major problem on these trails next to the ocean were huge biting horse flies. They would not leave us alone. The only relief from them was to go into the water. One afternoon Chris came out of the water to look down at her arm turned black covered with fleas! Vegan leather bags The vermin and pestilence was among us.

It was the summer solstice and we had come to celebrate that day on Bimini. “Bonefish”came to pick us up in his boat. Edgar Cayce had spoken of the “healing hole.” Bonefish knew where it was. Traveling out through the mangroves we were led off the boat to a secluded small body of water. It was a miracle that there were no bugs there. We floated for hours. We felt ice cold currents in the water. Cayce said this water was supposed to come from the Andes and that it had natural lithium in it. We were so relaxed we didn’t want to leave. That same day we traveled to the “Fountain of Youth.” Sorry to say it was quite a beaten up well, fashion tape stones scattered, very little water. So much for renewing our youth!

Our next stop was out in the water near the southern most tip of the island for the exact time of the summer solstice. On the land near our destination, pictographs can be seen from above. A fish or whale has been discovered while flying over the area. We jumped off the boat into the glorious sea. I can dowse with my body, and with my eyes. My eyes kept being drawn to this area near the shore. I finally swam to the site and felt the icy cold currents again. Another current from the Andes!

Bonefish took us back to town to a place where conch fritters are the best. He met a friend in a boat along the way and exchanged fresh conch, which he readily ate, for a six-pack of beer. It is said that the fish have gold in them from the buried treasure of Atlantis. I had to try some!

Another day we walked around the island. We felt some very unusual things. We saw people who looked “vacant,” as if controlled by some type of Voodoo. The old, little cemetery was just downright spooky. We walked to the former residence of Earnest Hemingway. I swear that place was heavy with spirits of the past or maybe some of his troubled memories.

Every day we were given the “if and reverse” on how much money we were to be charged for the boat, golf cart, and the house we were staying in. We were caught in this web of deceit. We were actually feeling threatened. One day Chris and I went to the beach to bury the crystals. A storm came up, wind fierce, and the waves crashing. It was NOT a serene ceremony to open the “Hall of Records.”

Emotions were so ruffled that Henna even wanted to leave a day early. That night we decided to stay in and cook dinner. Chris has brought some cornish hens to bake with some rice and veggies. As we sat in the living room ready to eat, I could hear Henna crunching, very loudly, on something she was eating. I looked down in my plate and there was a huge chard of glass in my next bite. The glass baking dish had splintered during the baking. Henna already had some intestinal problems. Oh my God, they’re trying to kill us!

The next morning was our last day. It was blistering hot outside. I was sitting in the living room when all of a sudden the lights and AC went out. I announced that I was not going to sit there all day in that heat, but instead spend it entirely in that beautiful water. A couple of hours before we were to leave we returned to the house. All the doors were locked! I said “Oh great, now they have stolen all of our stuff.” As I looked in a window I could see my packed suitcase. Luckily someone had left a window open. Chris’s son climbed in. Nothing seemed to be missing, but they had touched all our belongings and packed for us. How Bizarre!

We walked to the airport. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. The New Age guide came after us looking for a tip. Chris told him she had left two cornish hens in the freezer for him. I’m sure he equated us to the “hens.”

As we sat at the airport waiting for the seaplane, a man from the tourist bureau came up to ask me some questions about my stay there. After all it was a key destination for deep sea fishermen. I refused to answer anything and told him to ask my friends. I was holding my breath to get out of there.

Since my episode on Bimini or should I say Atlantis, I’ve heard of another frightful trip, where a visitor ran into a stormy sea and thought he was going to die. Does Bimini test certain people for their past negative Karma?


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