How To Troubleshoot Your Pressure Washer Machine

Your pressure washer is a precious investment especially if you purchased one of those in the $500 to $4000 region. This means it has to be given your full attention if it’s not to end up being money gone down the drain. As with any technical equipment at one point or the other, pressurecoach it’s bound to run into trouble. This trouble can be big or minor depending on the fault. One of the ways to prevent huge problems with your washer is to ensure that you take enough time to read through your owner’s manual. The following are some quick ways to resolve easy problems you might encounter with your washer.

How and when to change my oil

Failure to change abmantra oil is amongst many of the mistakes many washer owners make. This can lead to your engine ceasing which can be costly in getting engine replacement parts. typically oil change must occur for the first time after 15 to 20 hours of use or at 3 months of your machine whichever comes first. Thereafter oil change should be at 200 hours or at least once each year. Your oil should be clean and water free at all times. Should it look milky and dirty it will need to be changed regardless of time. Your manual will direct which oil type and how to change it. Brightsfuture

What to check for when getting not enough pressure

Pressure from your washer is essentially controlled by two main parts. The nozzle and the engine or pump. Check to ensure that your nozzle is placed and correctly set. Certain nozzles are used janneylimys to control pressure output depending on the surface being washed. turning the nozzle sleeve will adjust the spray fan pattern as well. Your engine is also very important to consider as far as the amount of pressure being released is concerned. Ensure that your engine is set to run on full throttle. Your engine must run at full throttle for your pump to operate properly. Pressure may also fall if water is leaking and especially through the seals. Ensure that the seals are watertight. Aidant

My engine is failing to start what can I do

Issues associated with this problem include those having to do with your oil change. When your oil is too low your engine might fail to start up. Certain pumps will need to have the trigger pulled at the same time as you start the engine. This is particularly so for pumps that have no pressure release. Also, theirrationals check your air filter. If it shows signs of being socked with oil you will need to replace the filter along with the spark plug.


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