Mi-T-M Pressure Washer – Household Uses

Purchasing the Mi-T-M Pressure Washer for Household Uses

The Mi-T-M Pressure Washer is one of the most powerful electric pressure washers that is built to last year after year and still delivers vaikutasyomalla the ultimate power for all your pressure washing needs. The Mi-T-M cold water washer is ideal with its solid steel axles and tires with tubes that will give you longer life of the washer and portability which is vital when using the pressure washer. The fan-cooled electric motor is enclosed and will generate less heat for those longer periods of use. kotisivusuosittelija

The cold water washer is easily handled and is considered to be a mighty machine. Featured on the machine is the triplex piston pump that has ceramic plungers with an in-line water strainer. The machine also features thermal safety relief valves which are professional grade with an insulated trigger gun that has a safety lock. The extended handle makes it easy for pulling the traumajaoppiminen 35-foot cord that has a ground circuit interrupter.

The nozzle features a high and low-pressure nozzle that accepts incoming water with temperatures of 180 degrees. The maximum PSI hangonlvi with 1000 engines has a 1.5 HP electric pump. The general voltage is 120v. water flow with a chemical injector with low-pressure detergent injection. The warranty is generally limited to 1-year parts and a 7-year pump warranty. The machine measures 30″ in length by 21″ in width by 26″ in height.

The powerful cold water washer makes it easy when doing simple tasks around the house such as washing the siding or cleaning the patio or deck. The high-quality hangonlvi washer also makes it easy for detailing the outside of your vehicle without causing any harm to the paint of the vehicle. Other common uses of the cold water washer include the use of cleaning driveways as well as sidewalks and or gutters of the home. Once you have used the new washer and have seen what the cleaning washer can do, you will not be sorry that you purchased the Mi-T-M brand pressure washer. holstinmaenautolasiasennus


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