Bath Accessories – Disney Princesses and More/Spirited Away Merchandise

Kids’ bath accessories make up a huge part of the total market for bath accessories. Kids’ bath accessories of sea and beach themes are big. The Little Mermaid bath accessories continue to be popular (2007). Penguin bath accessories and rubber ducky items are fun, too.

Disney princesses on bath accessories, however, seem to be a classic. Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Aurora, and Sleeping Beauty – every little girl wants to be a Disney princess at some time. And many want bathrooms with Disney princesses on bath accessories.

Fairytale Spa

Disney princesses on bath accessories can turn a little girl’s bath into a fairytale spa. After you paint the walls Bibbidi Bobbidi Blue, Spirited Away Merchandise hang a dreamy Disney princess shower curtain. Shower curtain hooks come in hearts of pink, each heart framing a Disney princess face.

Find Disney princesses on bath accessories like these, too:

1. Disney princess plastic waste can

2. Disney princess towel set

3. Disney princess dispenser, soap dish, and toothbrush holder

4. Disney princess bath rug

The Disney princesses on bath accessories are not all the same. You can choose from the “Love’s First Kiss” collection, “Forever” collection, or “Stardust” collection. Chances are good that your little girl has a favorite.

With Bedroom to Match

Adults tend to think a small bathroom full of Disney princesses is enough, but little girls may want to carry the theme into the bedroom, too. A good idea is to use the same basic color scheme, but fewer princesses.

Not a Princess

Some little girls may think Disney princesses are fine, but they would rather not have Disney princesses on bath accessories. They would rather have ballerina bath accessories – or “Backyardigans” bath accessories.

Kids’ Bath Accessories in Sea Themes

Kids’ bath accessories must take a different turn if the bathroom is to be shared with a boy. While you could add a Prince Charming, it might be better to create something entirely different.

Kids’ bath accessories in sea themes are a good option. With careful planning, you could combine the Little Mermaid bath accessories and Finding Nemo bath accessories, as long as you keep each to a minimum.

Begin with a shower curtain featuring a sea and beach theme: seashells on an off-white background. Use bright fish curtain hooks.

For safety, apply fish-shaped no-slip appliqués to the bathtub floor. Add one mermaid. Purchase her towel set with the Little Mermaid design, his with a Finding Nemo design.

Hang fish and mermaid robe hooks on the door or wall. Use similar hooks for towels. Surround a plain mirror with alternating fish and mermaids, and hang it at the children’s level.

The Little Mermaid bath accessories and Finding Nemo bath accessories can identify whose tumbler is whose, and keep individual soap separate.

Use plastic bath accessories for safety.

Other Children’s Bath Accessories

Other themes for children’s bath accessories might include these:

1. Jungle: Use green – perhaps a wallpaper jungle mural on one wall. Hang a couple of live plants. Use wild animal bath accessories: monkey, leopard, bear, elephant, etc. Add safari tan towels.

2. Rubber Ducky: This is a bright, clean theme. Rubber ducky bath accessories are easy to find. Use soft, vivid colors. Blue sets off yellow duckies.

3. Pond: Think green frogs, yellow duckies, lily pads, and water lilies. You might include a fish aquarium with other bath accessories that feature the relaxation of a garden pond.


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