The Sims II

I’ve played The Sims II since it originated. I played the regular Sims game initially, but when the game was upgraded w/ much more powerful graphics, I couldn’t resist! I’ve become almost addicted to it & have played it almost daily for a while. I enjoy the idea of creating families and basically manipulating their lives on a daily basis as they select careers; go to work; create families (the women actually have babies!); learn skills; the sims 4 kody have their own aspirations and goals.

This game takes some time to learn,  but it’s mainly learned by trial & error & by using the manual that comes w/ the game. There are also cheat codes available, & this just adds to the fun of the game.

There are also downloads available from different websites on the Internet; you would be amazed at the items that are available for this game. If you get into this, I promise that you’ll become as addicted as I’ve become!

You can type in the name of this game as a search, & all kinds of things pop up! There’s also a game website created for the game, & you can purchase things from the store online; get updates; and even get downloads (though few) from there.

They have lots of free downloads as well as downloads that you can pay for, & the creators of objects for the website have some really great things for you to use in your game. There are tutorials that teach you to create your own things for the game.


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